Greenfield Sites

How we help with undeveloped land

Greenfield land is broadly agricultural and garden land, and should not be confused with Greenbelt land, which is largely protected from development. Typically, uplifts in value on the grant of planning permission are substantial and therefore a level of on-site affordable housing is to be expected.

Local Plan Viability Studies generally accept that a substantial uplift above agricultural values should accrue to the landowner in order to provide an incentive to bring the land forward for development.

Greenfield Sites present different challenges to Brownfield development; there will be substantial infrastructure costs, environmental and conservation issues to consider. These are commonly under-estimated by LPAs.

S106 Management’s Greenfield Site service will ensure the proper inclusion of infrastructure and construction costs to document the true uplift in value generated by the grant of planning consent, and thereby establish the fund available to contribute to Affordable Housing and Infrastructure Contributions.

Early stage modelling can establish the density of development required to satisfy policy requirements, and thereby better inform LPA choices.

S106 Management can also advise on alternate mixes of Affordable Housing tenures within the development, allowing the site value to be maximised whilst keeping the LPA on side.

See our Case Studies for further information.