Planning Appeals

How we can help with planning appeals

Planning appeals are in fact re-hearings of the application, rather than an appeal in the strict sense of the word. This allows viability to be introduced as a new issue when you lodge your planning appeal. The planning inspector has all the same powers as the LPA to grant or refuse the application.

A planning appeal must be submitted within 6 months of the refusal. They must be ‘front loaded’ with all lines of argument and evidence to accompany the appeal submission from day one. 

If you have already pursued the Viability process, but reached deadlock, we can provide a third-party report drawing on the conclusions of the previous viability and offering solutions.

If you have been refused permission by your LPA because of a failure to provide an appropriate legal agreement to secure affordable housing, or other infrastructure contributions, S106 Management's Planning Appeals service will review the planning policy justification and viability of those requests and provide appropriate reporting and agreements to support your appeal.

We recommend engagement with the LPA and their advisors as the appeal progresses in order to achieve agreement and an appropriate S106 agreement or UU by the hearing date, because Appeal inspectors commonly use any uncertainty in the evidence as a reason for refusal.

We do not conduct planning appeals in house, but will be pleased to work alongside your existing team, or recommend other planning consultants as appropriate.

See our Case Studies for further information.