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Viability reports

Viability Reports

Our Section 106 viability reports support planning applications by establishing the profitability of your project, thereby revealing unviable Section 106 obligations.

  • Industry Standard
  • Understood and accepted by LPAs
  • Often required pre-validation
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Feasibility analysis

Feasibility Analysis

We provide early or late stage expert advice on improving the profitability of your project, such as:

  • Increasing site density
  • Higher-value affordable housing tenures
  • Identifying contributions most important to your LPA
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Negotiations and appeals

and Appeals

We also provide S106 negotiation services, liaising directly with Local Planning Authorities on your behalf as instructed.

  • Cooperative, not adversarial, process
  • We liaise with LPA on your behalf
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Amount sought
3.5 units (3 units on site + financial contribution)
Amount AchiEved
No contribution
Indicative saving
c. £300,000

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