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“Time and time again, our clients are able to improve their funding terms or minimise their equity with Kate’s network of lenders and investors”.

  • Ever considered if you or your broker is obtaining THE best market rates & terms? 
  • What access to rates not available to the open market or to most brokers?
  • Ever wondered if you could maximise your development loan even further/ minimise your equity requirement to just 90% of total costs, or better, without having to share any profits?  
  • Are you looking for up to 100% equity investment or up to 77% LTGDV debt for new build development schemes?
  • Looking to release profits early from a watertight or completed residential scheme to reinvest into your next acquisition? (Up to 80% LTVs are available).
  • Looking to replace a lender or obtain rapid, emergency finance? 

Sense check your term sheets or obtain terms now for FREE. 

Vision Finance have extensive funding relationships carefully developed over the last 9 years. This provides them with access to exclusive rates from certain lenders that are not available in the open market. These rates often better what clients are able to obtain directly.

No charges are incurred for S106 clients until a loan completes.

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About Kate Renn

Kate Renn

Kate Renn has a wealth of property experience, knowledge and contacts, having held numerous positions in property over the past 15 years. 

In previous positions, Kate has been a residential developer herself in the supported living sector, raised over a billion in equity for listed property companies and was rated the no. 1 UK Real Estate Analyst on the London Stock Exchange in 2016. 

Kate’s experience has always involved providing a high level of service and rapid response times to clients. She acts as an external FD for many clients as well as financial broker.

About Vision Finance

An employee-owned business that arranges well over £100m of debt and equity funding a year primarily for experience residential developers, making them the right partner choice for our clients.

Debt and equity funding available:

  • New build or conversion development loans
  • Short term finance whilst awaiting planning consent
  • Up to 100% equity investment
  • High LTV Mezzanine funding up to 77% LTGDV
  • Complex or large scale development finance – debt from 6% for £10m+ schemes + usual fees
  • Investment portfolio refinancing - BTL/HMO/multiple unit mortgages 
  • Commercial mortgages or development loans
  • Rapid, high LTV bridging loans including:

Auction finance - completion from 10 working days
Financing for limited experience developers
Financing and equity investment for premium high-value homes £1.5m+
Emergency or temporary funding if you need to replace a lender or urgently complete
In-house mezzanine fund available to known clients

High Section 106 costs are avoidable

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