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S106 Management has a long history of success providing small and medium property developers with the planning expertise relied upon by larger companies when negotiating delivery of developer contributions with LPAs. 

Section 106 obligations are paid for through the uplift in site value generated by the grant of planning permission; our core service is identifying whether this assumed increase in value exists. We use our expertise to help unlock housing capacity in developments which have stalled, been rejected, or may not otherwise come forward due to unviable developer contribution assumptions.

Local Plan policies aimed at delivering Affordable Housing and Infrastructure are informed by Viability Reports, which rely on broad development assumptions and site typographies to model, in generic terms, the uplift in land value on grant of planning permission. Policies should be realistic, and the total cumulative cost of all relevant policies should not undermine deliverability of sustainable development. S106 Management examines all assumptions and, where appropriate, demonstrates inconsistencies that justify a relaxation in policy aspirations. 

All LPAs accept that contributions can only be provided where it is economically viable to do so, and a profit margin of 15-20% is considered a suitable return for developers (NPGV 2019). However, it is up to the applicant to demonstrate the need for viability assessment at application stage. If the viability of your development is threatened by Section 106 contributions, please contact us to discuss your options. 

S106 Management offers bespoke, detailed and robust viability reports which are effective in mitigating or eliminating unviable developer contributions. We present your case in a robust manner, using clear, up-to-date, appropriate and verifiable evidence. We examine the necessity and viability of Section 106 requests by Local Planning Authorities (LPAs), and ensure that the scale of payments allows a viable profit margin for you, the developer.

We provide expert advice to landowners and developers only, so are completely free from conflicts of interest with LPAs. 

Our viability reports can assist with planning applications for development of Brownfield, Greenfield, Rural Exception sites, and replacement or variation of existing S106 agreements. We also provide early stage modelling to justify and inform scheme evolution and increase the profitability of your development. 

See our Services section for details, and our Team page for further information about S106 Management.

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