Viability Matters

S106 Management offers bespoke services to help reduce, mitigate or eliminate unviable Section 106 contributions. 

Our Section 106 viability reports will establish the profitability of your project and thereby reveal unviable Section 106 obligations. 

Our reports utilise industry standard specialist toolkits, such as the Housing Corporation Economic Appraisal Tool (HCEAT), the Three Dragons Development Appraisal Tool Kit, and the Greater London Authority Affordable Housing Toolkit (GLA Toolkit). We can also arrange RICS Red Book valuations to support benchmark, existing and alternative use values. 

We provide a robust picture of Section 106 viability, bespoke to your proposed development (Previously Developed Land, Greenfield or Rural Exception Site) that will be acceptable to any LPA. We reference the LPA’s policies and tools, the NPPF, NPG and up-to-date RICS, RTPI and legal advice. 

S106 Managment’s viability reports use an ‘accepted’ toolkit and are presented in a format that is understood and accepted by LPAs. They will be welcomed by planning officers at any stage of a planning application and help speed up the planning process. In many cases, a viability report will be required to accompany your planning application before it will even be validated and registered. 

We also provide early or late stage expert advice on ways to improve profitability through increasing site densities, delivering higher-value affordable housing tenures, improving tenure mix, making commuted cash payments or identifying those types of contribution most important to the LPA. 

If you already have planning permission, we can provide S106 renegotiation services, liaising directly with LPAs on your behalf as instructed. It should be noted that this is a cooperative, not adviserial process in which both sides come to a mutually beneficial accommodation. 

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