Preapplication Advice

Our development feasibility analysis will enable you to present the best option for your site during preapplication discussions with the local planning authority, resulting in a more streamlined planning permission process.

If you’re just starting to consider your site, or thinking about purchasing a site for property development, get in touch with us first. We can explore a range of options to optimize your scheme, ensuring that any ‘hidden’ policy costs and viability considerations are included from the beginning.

We work with your architect and planning consultant to optimise the proposed development and ensure you aren’t surprised by unforeseen or unjustified requests from the local authority at the end of the application. 

Many clients initially state they prefer a rough estimate, rather than looking at the scheme feasibility in a detailed report. However, getting your development right from the beginning can save time and money. In turn this improves relations with your planning officer, and ultimately increases your return on investment.


Why should I get a Development Feasibility Analysis?

Viability and scheme optimisation for value, density, tenure,and housing mix should inform your considerations even at the bidding stage. It can also significantly influence scheme design.

It is crucial to illustrate to planners that the amount of housing dictates the type of Affordable Housing, as different types have differing values. This can enable everybody who is part of the process to make informed, sensible decisions. Being able to demonstrate the effects of different site options can also help you as a developer in getting the planner on side, before going to the local authority with a scheme outline.

Our feasibility analysis will ensure you can discuss your scheme with the LPA, confident in the knowledge that your development works not only for you, but also for them.

Because of our extensive work in working and negotiating with local planning authorities across the UK, we can provide clear insight into what they will be looking for in your plans. This will enable you to reach an acceptable scheme more easily, reducing time delays in the process.

If you’re starting to think about your development, or are considering to purchase a site, give us a call and see how we may support you with a development feasibility study.


Affordable Housing Tenure Mix

Affordable Housing can be provided in different ways, such as affordable rent, social rent, shared ownership, and first homes. All of these types of housing have different values, and therefore have differing impacts on the overall viability of your scheme.

While there are things that can be done to optimise the mix of Affordable Housing your site provides, the local plan evidence base will indicate the size and type of housing required. This means that any scheme you bring forward should be reflective of the local plan, and in turn, local need.

Therefore it can be beneficial, particularly if Affordable Housing forms part of your initial scheme, to get the mix correct from the beginning, rather than simply suggesting a random housing mix.

There can also be benefits to demonstrating how increasing site density can be beneficial with regard to providing Affordable Housing.


If you're beginning to consider your scheme and housing mix, get in touch today for a Feasibility Appraisal. We will help you ensure your scheme is policy compliant, and financially viable.

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