Bath and North East Somerset Affordable Housing Policy

Bath and North East Somerset adopted their Core Strategy inJuly 2014, it says that the “Core Strategy enables the Council to shape the nature and direction of physical change with Bath and North East Somerset”.

Policy CP9 of the Core Strategy sets out the expectations regarding affordable housing in the area, this can be seen below:

As seen above, there are different requirements based on the number of dwellings proposed in a development and also various ways of delivering what is needed.

For developments proving 10+ units (or on sites over 0.5Ha), the expectation is that the affordable housing will be provided on-site. 40% is required in Prime Bath, Bath North and East, Bath Rural and Hinterland, whereas 30% is required in Bath North and West, Bath South, Keynsham and Saltford, Midsomer Norton, Westfield, Radstock, Peasedown St John, Paulton and Chew Valley.

For developments providing 5-9 units, the expectation is that the affordable housing will be provided either on-site or as a financial contribution. 20% is required in Area 1, and 15% in Area 2. These areas are the same as that of large sites. The below table outlines the areas in full:

Any non-policy compliant provision must be justified by a viability assessment. A commuted sum calculation will be required and should be verified on smaller sites.

Given current high build costs and stalling sales values, we advise that a site-specific viability assessment is completed on all developments of 5+ dwellings in Bath and North East Somerset.

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