Enabling Development

In June 2020 Historic England published updated guidance titled Enabling Development and Heritage Assets Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning Note 4:


This sets out advice on the financial evidence requirements for Enabling Development proposals, requiring two development appraisals to be completed.

Enabling Development is defined by para 202 of the NPPF as development that would not be in compliance with local and/or national planning policies, and not normally be given planning permission, except for the fact that it would secure the future conservation of a heritage asset. 

S106 Management can assist you in by providing the necessary development appraisals: firstly, by identifying the 'Conservation deficit' of a proposed scheme, which English Heritage define as ‘the amount by which the cost of repair (and conversion to optimum viable use if appropriate) of a heritage asset exceeds its market value on completion of repair and conversion, allowing for all appropriate development costs.’

Having identified the 'deficit', we can then provide reporting to demonstrate the minimum amount of Enabling Development needed to meet the identified deficit, thereby providing appropriate justification to allow a departure from standard planning policy.

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