Flood Sequential Tests

How we help with flood risk

Government guidance on Flood Risk states that where development is proposed in an area with flooding potential (Flood Zones 2-3), a flood sequential test must be passed to prove there are no 'reasonably available sites appropriate for the proposed development in areas with a lower risk of flooding'. 

A sequential test report must therefore be completed for all developments in Flood Zones 2-3, showing that there are no alternative sites in a lower flood zone, for the test to be passed and development to be permitted.

See the Environment Agency's Flood Map for Planning to determine what Flood Zone your development is in.

These tests can be challenging, with search areas negotiated on an ad hoc basis and a high level of detail required by local authorities. 

S106 Management's Flood Sequential Test service will liaise with local authorities to agree terms, review all data on locally available development sites within an agreed search area and compare them with your proposed scheme to demonstrate that the test has been passed and development can be permitted.

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