Previously Developed Land

How we help with brownfield sites

Previously developed land or ‘brownfield sites’ comprise any land currently or previously occupied by a permanent structure, including surrounding land and any associated fixed surface infrastructure; Government policy encourages re-use of this land type. 

This category of land typically has a high existing use value (EUV). National planning guidance accepts that land will not come forward for development unless the land owner receives the EUV plus a premium.

S106 Management’s PDL service will accurately identify the best possible EUV and premium, which together with our viability reporting, will  establish  the true uplift in value generated by the grant of planning consent and thereby establish funds available to pay for contributions to Affordable Housing and other Infrastructure Contributions.

This process ensures that contributions are paid from the uplift in value generated by the planning consent (as they should be), not from developer profit or existing land values. 

See our Case Studies for further information.