Rural Exception Sites

How we help with rural affordable housing

Rural Exception Sites are small sites which would not normally be used for housing, but are granted planning permission as an exception to the general rule, in order to provide affordable housing to rural communities.

These sites aim to support the local community by providing affordable housing for current residents or households with an existing family or employment connections to the area. 

A proportion of market value homes may be allowed on the site at the LPA’s discretion, where that is essential to enable the delivery of affordable units without grant funding. These sites offer an important but under-utilised route to delivering mixed-use developments in rural areas, delivering a financial benefit to landowners and would-be home owners alike. 

S106 Management’s Rural Exception service can provide a targeted viability report to prove the optimum ratio between open market and affordable housing needed to render the development viable. This route to development, offers landowners the opportunity to increase land values, while investing in their local community.

See our Case Studies for further information.