Waverley Affordable Housing Policy

Waverley adopted part 1 of their Local Plan: Strategic Policies and Sites in February 2018. It states that it “sets out the strategic policies relating to the development and use of land in Waverley”.

Policy AHN1 of the Local Plan sets out the expectations regarding affordable housing in the borough, this can be seen below:

As seen above, there are different thresholds as to when affordable housing applies on certain types of development.

In designated rural areas, a provision of 30% affordable housing will be required on all sites where there is a net increase of 6+ dwellings. For sites of less than 11 units in these areas, a financial contribution equivalent to the 30% could be accepted rather than on-site units.

For developments of 11+ dwellings in non-designated rural areas or for developments with a combined gross floorspace of more than 1,000m2, the expectation will also be an on-site provision of 30% affordable housing.

It would only be in exceptional circumstances that the above affordable housing provision could be provided as an off-site payment, rather than on-site units, such as non-viability.

This policy will be applicable to all different types of residential development, including mixed use schemes, retirements homes, sheltered accommodation and extra care schemes.

S106 Management recommend a site-specific viability assessment to be carried out on all developments of 6+dwellings in Waverley.

Previous Work in Waverley

Proposed development = Erection of 5 detached dwellings and associated works to the existing house.

Policy Implications/Requirements = 30% affordable housing is required on all residential developments of more than 1,000m2 gross combined floorspace.

Expectation on Affordable Housing = In this instance, it equates to 1.5 on-site units.

Result = An S106 contribution of £163,921.

Preston Affordable Housing Policy
March 27, 2023

Preston Affordable Housing Policy

Can your development in Preston stay viable with the implications of Policy 7 of the Central Lancashire Core Strategy?
Appeal win: Strategic 86 unit housing site appeal allowed with zero s106 contributions
February 11, 2022

Appeal win: Strategic 86 unit housing site appeal allowed with zero s106 contributions

Appeal win reducing 17 affordable houses to zero on the basis of high infrastructure costs. S106M provided viability reporting, extensive negotiations with the council and appeal statement of case and further affordable housing statements to support this recent Appeal in North East Lincolnshire for 68 houses and 18 apartments on part of a large strategic site adopted in the local plan and previously consented.

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