Webinar: How to Make Section 106 Work for You

In this presentation S106 Management's Tom Furby and Nmbus Maps' Andrew Green discuss the basics of s106 agreements, their implications for buying and selling sites, the overall process of negotiating s106 agreements and planning obligations referencing viability and CIL Reg 122, and strategies to ensure that contributions do not render permissions undeliverable.

In today's hugely exciting marketplace, Section 106's can be an unknown cost within any development appraisal which can greatly affect what you pay for sites. Get this wrong - and your profits could be hugely affected. Join Andrew Green & Tom Furby as they talk through the simple process to make S106 work for you by minimising their impact and ensuring you don't come unstuck.

Greenfield and Brownfield Sites
June 3, 2021

Greenfield and Brownfield Sites

What are Greenfield and Brownfield sites, and how does site type impact profit margin and viability?
Infrastructure Contributions
July 9, 2021

Infrastructure Contributions

Development will always have an impact on the local community. But what exactly are infrastructure contributions for, and how do they work?
Dacorum Affordable Housing Policy
January 9, 2023

Dacorum Affordable Housing Policy

Either on-site affordable housing or a financial contribution will be sought on all developments of 1+ units in Dacorum. Can your development still be viable?

High Section 106 costs are avoidable

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